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Vaccine Safety Project.
This is A Powerpoint Presentation being one of if not the most effective tool in helping de-construct nearly any ProVaxx argument.
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VERY Comprehensive list of vaccine research information, peer reviewed studies, and CDC own data showing major links between vaccines and injuries. Compiled by WhiteRabbits
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Not a SINGLE childhoood vaccine has ever been tested against a double-blind inert placebo, thereby never establishing a safety control. This is fact admitted by National institute of health.

Without double-blind inert placebo studies there is no scientific way to establish efficacy rates. This is a common sense and logical fact taught on nearly the first day of any medical school.

Ask yourself; if Aspirin, Viagra, even Chemo drugs are subjected to placebo studies why are vaccines not? Why is it that the HHS, CDC, and FDA apply the scientific gold standard  to almost every drug approved. Yet the most important ones, the ones that are supposed to keep us safe and healthy are not?

The easiest way to de construct the vaccine argument is using the math.

Math is universal, it can be understood by anyone of any language and when applied scientifically is nearly irrefutable.  Anything leftover is simply a mixture of theory, assumptions and personal feelings/beliefs.

So, what is the minimum risk level of aluminum in the body at any given time? According to the FDA (Mitkus et al 2011) that limit is 1mg/kg/day.   derived from feeding experiments with water-soluble aluminum salts. 

what is important to understand here is that there is a fundamental difference between being fed water-soluble aluminum and being injected with it. the human body only metabolizes approx. 0.04% of of aluminum that is taken orally. 

Injection is much different. The body absorbs 99%+ of the aluminum and is forced to excrete it through vital organs.

The math is simple:

The MRL of 1mg/kg/day as suggested by the FDA when taken orally would equate to 0.4mcg/kg/day (thats Micro-grams) that the body has to process through the vital organs and excrete.

Considering an injection is metabolized at a rate of 99%+ this means that the MRL for injected aluminum salts should be 0.4mcg/kg/day. However this is not the case. the FDA erroneously recommends 1mg/kg/day across the board.

This is a scientific fallacy of the most novel nature. the idea that the general scientific community does not acknowledge this is incredibly troubling.

To put into perspective, for an average 3.6kg newborn baby the FDA suggests the MRL for aluminum to be 3.6mg  per day total regardless of intake method.

A properly adjusted MRL for injection of aluminum salts of a 3.6kg newborn would be: 0.00144 mg or 1.4mcg (micro-grams). (3.6mg*0.04%=0.00144mg) per day.

At birth the CDC recommends newborns receive the Hep B vaccine. which contains upwards of 0.25mg per dose.

That is a whopping 17261% higher than the properly adjusted MRL

This appears to be increasingly noticeable with each vaccine in my findings so far. Which begs the logical questions; what is the possible side effect of continually injecting ourselves with aluminum? Furthermore, are we potentially poisoning ourselves as a result?

The answer is “We dont know” not scientifically at least. As demonstrated above the most basic data sets used by our governing bodies to calculate it is fundamentally flawed.

The math is simple, the numbers are not lying. The sooner we all come to terms with this the sooner we can reverse the potential damage both done and yet to be done.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. God Bless you and your family.